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Internal Audit Practice of ISO

Internal Audit Practice of ISO

15 February, 2024 - 15 February, 2024

Hybrid Workshop:

Internal Audit Practice of ISO

Workshop Facilitator:

Mr. Kashif Samad

Management Consultant and Lead Auditor



The Sindh Innovation, Research, and Education Network (SIREN) working under the auspices of the Government of Sindh, and the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) is organizing a hybrid workshop entitled, “Internal Audit Practice of ISO”. All Quality Managers and Quality Assurance Personnel, Internal Auditors, Process Owners and Managers, Management Representatives, and Compliance officers are cordially invited to attend this important workshop.


The objective of an internal audit training program is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively conduct internal audits within their organization's quality management system (QMS).



Mr. Kashif Samad is an experienced and adaptable management consultant, and management system auditor with a proven track record of almost 18 years delivering solutions to high-profile clients of various market sectors. He has strong knowledge of various management systems and international standards. Being a Management Consultant, it is imperative to have adequate knowledge of the management system/standard (e.g., ISO 9001) and the industry where implementation of such management system is required. He also has experience implementing them in almost all types of business sectors, including pharmaceutical, education, engineering, service industry, consumer goods, shipping, or an NGO.

He has auditing experience as a Lead Auditor for management systems based on ISO9001, project planning, and implementation. Good analytical and organizational skills and possesses initiative to drive and lead projects. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact effectively with all levels and/or work in a team environment, and excellent communication and presentation skills are some of his key attributes. Mr. Kashif provided training courses to professionals and trainers and delivered training courses effectively.


Program Schedule: February 15th, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 10:00 – 16:00 Hrs.

Registration Deadline: February 12th, 2024 

Fee: Free!

Registration Link:


Lecture Hall A, Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center (LEJNSIC), International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi-75270, Pakistan.


Registered participants will receive an e-certificate, after the successful completion of the workshop.

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan (Manager, SIREN)

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 021-111-222-292 Ext: 267



Internal Audit Practice of ISO

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