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Lecture (Hybrid) on “Nanochemistry”
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Lecture (Hybrid) on “Nanochemistry”

01 April, 2022 - 01 April, 2022

The Sindh Innovation, Research, and Education Network (SIREN) working under the auspices of the Government of Sindh, and the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) is organizing a hybrid Lecture entitled, “Nanochemistry: An Emerging Queen of All Sciences.” A modern trend toward the development of new technologies for sustainable industries, energy, and environment for the establishment of ideal societies in the world.

This Lecture will focus on the general aspect of nanochemistry in terms of synthesis, characterization, and applications. In principle, the talk will focus on the past, present, and future aspects of nanochemistry for diverse applications. The current challenges in the field will be briefly highlighted and possible future activities in nanochemistry are supposed to share with researchers. It is mainly focused to share the wide range scope of Nano chemistry for the excitation and motivation of researchers to come forward in the field and enable Pakistan an equal partner of electron economy with advanced countries.

This workshop is organized by the Sindh Innovation Research and Education Network (SIREN) and is coordinated by the Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Sciences Information Center, ICCBS, University of Karachi. It will be conducted on campus and online through Zoom Meeting.

The Lecture is for everyone, specifically young researchers working on the various nanostructured materials for energy, environment, and biomedical applications. The talk is also open to chemists in general perspectives and at the same time, it offers the opportunity for Physics, engineers, and policymakers to be part of it.

Dr. Zafar Hussain Ibupoto
Dr. Zafar Ibupoto had started early training on water analysis in developing analytical methods for the purification of water under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Vinod Kumar. He was awarded a doctoral degree on the topic “Synthesis of metal oxide nanostructures, their characterization and chemical sensing applications” from Linköping University Sweden under the supervision of Prof. Magnus Willander.
Aside from the Ph.D. topic, Dr. Zafar Ibupoto was actively involved in several research topics in the same group for the exploration of a variety of applications of nanostructured metal oxides for photo catalysis, light-emitting diodes, photodetectors, and piezoelectric and their electrical characterization
Currently, Dr. Zafar Hussain Ibupoto is serving as Associate Professor, at Dr. M.A. Kazi Institute of Chemistry,
University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 01st April, 2022.
DAY AND TIME: FRIDAY (10:00 – 12.30 Hrs.)

VENUE: Lecture Hall A, Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center (LEJNSIC), International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi-75270, Pakistan.
For more information: [email protected]; Call : 021-111-222-292 Ext: 267, 275.
Room No. 202, 2nd floor, L.E.J. National Science Information Center, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, Karachi-75270.

Lecture (Hybrid) on “Nanochemistry”

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